Vincent Fink

Born April 1st, 1984 and growing up in the ever-crowding greater Houston area, Vincent Fink now works out of his Winter Street Studio in downtown where he tirelessly adds to a multitude of expansive projects. Gaining many achievements along his way, he instills messages of esoteric knowledge into each piece he creates. His first series started in 2010 with vigorously detailed greyscale sumi ink drawings spawned from a lucid dream.

After attaining a degree in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Houston, he worked as a graphic designer searching in life for a higher purpose, a direction with his artistic abilities, yet was extremely lost. Then one night, with a sketch pad by his bed, he dreamt his future and immediately awoke to record it. In his subconscious state, he saw the first completed piece that would establish his art career. This series became known as the Atlas Metamorphosis and continues to take us through the 4 stages of an other-worldly, gigantic god-like beetle’s evolution. Each stage of its life cycle is accompanied by a new cultural empire or era of civilization.

This series won him the Talent Call Award, The Big Show – Best of, as well as a Hunting Art Prize finalist, twice, along with many shows and articles online and in print, but that is just one hemisphere of this, now, activated imagination. His second, most prolific series of acrylic and oil paintings called Iterations also garners equal prestige and focuses on his love for surrealism and sacred geometry. This series generated from another unlikely place:

He abandoned his day job as a graphic designer after chasing the goal of higher pay only to find himself being shouted at by a short-sighted supervisor who didn’t appreciate the innovations Vincent had to offer. From this, a course was set out to pursue his passion, to love his work. Vincent employed himself with co-owner and lover Tina Lara, to start Point506; a clothing brand that aims to “clothe a general populous with fashionable designs that will inspire engagement in the sciences.” Vincent taught himself to hand screen-print his drawings onto garments and began creating their first line, The 5 Platonic Solids. This lead to an explosion of new ideas that would soon be the Iterations series. It focused on living creatures interacting with the geometric elements of creation.

Many underlying dichotomies course throughout the work, such as the dance of entropy and energy, life and death, order and chaos. One can also find hints of higher dimensional forms casting their shadows into our lower, three spacial dimensions and the resulting reality that flows from this place of mostly untapped potential. If there is one feeling Vincent hopes to give with his work, it is the awesome, divine feeling of inspiration itself. The joy of the present moment as we progress into enlightenment and the wonder which emerges as order in space-time. It is this feeling, along with compassion for others that has kept Vincent from spiraling into depression with all the worries of the modern world. He hopes to spread these strengths and the knowledge tied to his revelations.

He is noted often for his attention to detail and long-term persistence. One Atlas Metamorphosis piece spans over 2 years in progress and some Iterations have taken upwards of 150 hours to complete. Other lesser-known mediums Vincent uses to express himself include freelance design, digital art, painting two sided“Specimens” on plexiglass, composing, recording and performing multiple musical instruments and styles including EDM, acoustic, rock, progressive metal as well as dabbling in sculpture, carpentry, large-scale street art, and 2D/3D motion graphics(harking back to his college education). He has served on Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Quality of Life Transition Committee as well as other creative committees within the Washington Arts District of Houston. Represented locally by Bisong Gallery, Vincent has also shown abroad in Brooklyn, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas and Art Basel in Miami, Florida.

Vincent Fink

Vincent Fink

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