Adam Scott Miller is an artist from the U.S. He is now living in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia. “My images are artifacts derived from exploring the relationships between personal experience and concepts that I consider to be significantly relevant. Making images is my tool for discovery, and a by-product of the experience of my consciousness. This creative work is how I process and integrate my perceptions of the world into new ways of seeing and insights into living.

I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, entranced in this sense of something magickal in giving shape to my imagination and discovering it before my eyes in those moments of creativity. Giving form to an internal process, as the metaphors of alchemy make the soul’s own transformations perceptible: symbols are the keys to dialoguing with the unconscious mind. As an artist I have this sense of being an explorer- sailing into unknown territory to bring back maps to share of lands we are not yet in, or aware of. We are literally swimming in an sea of vibratory information and our conscious minds only dimly begin to apprehend less than a percent of a percent… and that tiny window we have is only made sense of by the significance of symbol. Esoteric, archetypal, alchemical, and geometric symbols are in my visions as they speak from a place of universality, a shared space that is transcendent yet implicit to the nature of reality.”

Adam Scott Miller


Adam Scott Miller

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