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Sacred Geometry Art is a website that I have created to display the work of artists who are inspired by and explore the world of Sacred Geometry, Symbols, Science and Spirituality.

The inspiration for me is to create a central resource of artists and information about Sacred Geometry.  The catalyst for researching Sacred Geometry usually comes about as part of an awareness and spiritual journey.  The realisation that an attraction to patterns, symbols and shapes that fill our everyday life is not enough to just ‘be’ but questions remain as to ‘why’ and further investigation reveals the most beautiful knowledge.

For me personally the Spiral and the Golden Ratio had the most profound effect on my psyche and inspired the quest for information. I didn’t know about Sacred Geometry, but as I researched and learned more I began to understand the lifelong attraction to geometry, patterns and symbols. It also explained why I loved to collected shells, rocks and flowers.

As a younger adult I loved the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and owned a book called “Leonardo – The Scientist” Over the years I had misplaced the book, but every now and then I would search for it. I remembered that it included his work on nature and the movement of water and beautiful drawings. When I did find it again several years ago I found that it also included his work on Geometry, The Platonic Solids and what we now know as ‘The Flower of Life”. I realised that I had already had an awareness of this over thirty years ago and was now back on the conscious path with my art and Sacred Geometry.

Global Consciousness and Love Tribe

In 2011 myself, Garth and Marty, under the partnership known as AGM Tours, produced the Alex and Allyson Grey Australian Tour.  It was a great honour to meet Alex, Allyson and Eli in Bali during the 2010 CoSM Artist Retreat held in Ubud and to start creating the dream and vision of a future gathering in Australia.  The seed of the idea had been set and the news spread of their first visit, inspiring the many followers and the start of a visionary culture.

Byron Bay Artist Retreat 2011

Byron Bay Artist Retreat 2011


I hope you enjoy viewing the artists work that is displayed here.

Thank you !

Anna Vincitorio (Kumashov)



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